In a world wher you’re forced to choose between fast and good, why not have both? My niche is the higher end read mixed with a warm accessibility. Let’s use my sound to help bring your product to a new audience.

Keeping you happy is my mission…that’s why I’m adept at the fast turnaround, usually twelve hours or less.

I work with equipment that gets the job done: Rode NT2-A microphone, CAD E100S microphone, Focusrite ISA One Pre amp, Enhanced Audio MN600 Universal Microphone Mount, Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer and Adobe Audition 3 Editing Software. I also have Source Connect and a Symetrix TI-101 telephone interface to allow remote direction and ISDN-enabled remote recording (via a bridge) from my studio.

Contact me and let’s talk about taking your product to its next level: