“Lowell has a rich, expressive voice and a wide range of styles. He’s also technically adept and has his own equipment, so no need to worry about an audio engineer. Even more important, Lowell is open to direction and a pleasure to work with.”

– Julie Cohen – Documentary Producer/Director “Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging” and “The Unforgettable Hampton Family”

“Lowell was recommended by the editor for my documentary project, and his voiceover narration was exactly what I had sought. I was impressed by his versatility and the professionalism with which he approached the task. Moreover, Lowell’s familiarity with the recording process made for a quick and efficient session. If he was a film, and I was a reviewer, Lowell would receive my rare “four star” rating!”

– Gary Shigenaka, NOAA Marine biologist, documentary producer

“I choose Lowell ’s voice over and over. His tone conveys strength with warmth, compassion with confidence, and valuable information with authenticity. When I work with Lowell , I know I am working with a true professional who listens to creative direction and understands production. He’s fast, reliable and truly brilliant.”

– Nicole Francois, Founder Market Well (Advertising & PR Agency)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lowell Deo for several years. As a documentary producer, I depend on Lowell’s exceptional voice-over talents to enhance many of my projects. His distinctive voice has tremendous range when it comes to delivering challenging scripts and subject matters. His heartfelt narrations are guaranteed to engage the audience. Lowell is the consummate professional who will go the extra mile to make sure every track is spot-on.”

– Gina Kaysen Fernandes, Supervising Producer Juris Productions

“Lowell Deo has worked with me on three projects in the past four years. Each project concerned the recording of practice materials for the TOEFL, a test of English proficiency for international students. Lowell performed the role of college professor in several simulated lectures and dialogues. In each piece, his rich, expressive voice exuded the authority, competence, and eloquence that were highly suitable for his role as “professor.” Working with Lowell has been a treat. His natural talent and professionalism require only minimal direction. As the author of the scripts, I have enjoyed hearing Lowell bring my words to life, and I look forward to working with him again.”

– Nancy Gallagher, Living-English Producer